March 6, 2010

*I read this on the “Christ is in our Midst!” blog, which is in my blogroll, but it was so good I had to include it on my site as well.*

For this reason the Light speaks as follows: “Wicked servant, from your own mouth I will judge you because, as you say, I who am unapproachable to the orders of angels came and dwelt in you. You, knowing this, allowed me to lie buried by the darkness of your evils, just as you yourself say. And, while I was patient for so many years, expecting repentance and awaiting in addition the doing of my commandments, you did not, even to the end, choose to somehow seek me out, nor did you pity me who was choked and cramped within you, nor did you allow me to find the drachma which I had lost – I mean you – because I was not allowed to take flame and see you and be seen by you, but was perpetually concealed by the passions which are in you. Therefore, you worker of iniquity, depart from me to the everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels; because I hungered for your repentance and conversion, and you gave me no food; I thirsted for your salvation, and you gave me no drink; I was naked of your deeds of virtue, and you did not clothe me with them; I existed in the narrow and filthy and dark prison of your heart, and you did not wish to come visit me and lead me out to the light; you knew me to be lying in the infirmity of your laziness and inactivity, yet you did not minister to me by your good works and deeds. So, go away from me.” – St. Symeon the New Theologian


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  1. What more is there to know, than Christ is in our Midst?! To pray with Him?! Nothing!

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